Power Generation

CSL Services to gas engine plant developers.

Small scale (10 – 50 MW) back-up gas fired power generation is a key area of growth given the closure of the UK’s coal fired generation plants and the growth of intermittent wind and solar. It is estimated that there will be 20,000 MW of such gas engine plants by 2025. Without firm gas there cannot be intermittent renewables.

Power Generation Projects

CSL services to gas engine plant developers include:

  • Site selection (gas pipeline capacity including ramp rate analysis)
  • Interface with the Gas Networks for capacity assessment
  • Feasibility studies
  • Gas connection pipeline design
  • Connection and pipeline cost analysis
  • Gas metering and pressure control design and costing
  • Downstream pipework design and build
  • Turn key project solutions
  • Support for both LDZ and NTS connections

CSL is working on the UK’s first ‘self-lay’ connection to the NTS, scheduled to be completed by May 2019 and we have completed 8 self-lay connections to the LTS in the Cadent Gas area in the period 2014-2018.

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