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UK Biomethane Day 2012

This event was staged as part of the Green Gas Grids Project which is a pan-European collaboration aimed at promoting the benefits of biomethane injection.

Presentations from the event are available via the links below

Chair: Gaynor Hartnell

Biomethane Market Overview - John Baldwin - CNG Services

Getting Connected - Engineering Solution - Iain Ward - REA

Commercial Arrangements - Andrea Godden - National Grid

Securing Income - RHI Application Process - Kathryn Dowen - Ofgem

Green Gas Certificate Scheme overview - Virginia Graham - REA

Biomethane sales - Peter Rayson - CNG Services

Learning from EU Biomethane Experience -

IEE Green Gas Grids Project - EU Sustainability Review - William Mezullo - Future Biogas

IEE BIOMASTER Project - James Thorpe - Norfolk County Council

IEE Biomethane Regions - Andy Bull

Future Developments - Creating capacity - Ray Levy - NGN, David Pickering - NG

REA Biogas Group Work Programme - David Collins - Chair, REA Biogas

on the Biomethane, CNG Gas, Virtual Pipelines and Onshore Gas developments...