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Formerly known as UK Biomethane Day.


The REA and CNG Services have been running Biomethane Day since 2012. It is the largest gathering in the gas-to-grid industry. With 90 plants having injected biomethane by the end of 2018 and 28 underway, “Green Gas” is starting to make a material contribution on the UK’s path to lower carbon.

The focus of UK Green Gas Day 2019 will be to brief the industry on policy and technical developments relevant to all green gases, including biomethane, H2, bio-SNG and P2G (methane made from wind).

In addition, the Government has fixed the diesel – biomethane fuel duty differential to 2032 (review in 2024) which gives a clear long term signal to investors that there is a low carbon alternative to diesel available today. John Lewis/Waitrose have indicated that by 2028 they will run all their long haul trucks on biomethane with no diesel in the fleet. At UK Green Gas Day the new 44 tonne rated 6 x 2 Iveco tractor with 460 BHP and 300 miles range on compressed biomethane will be on show.

UK Green Gas Day is a fantastic networking opportunity, where developers and operators can meet financiers, feedstock providers, waste hauliers, government officials and suppliers. This year we are expecting over 300 delegates, with exhibition stands from all of the major suppliers to the biomethane industry. If you are considering Biomethane to Grid, this is the one industry event you cannot afford to miss.

The Biogas Group of the REA is the established voice for the UK biogas industry. Over the past nine years we have worked with our partners and stakeholders to convince successive Governments of the benefits of biomethane injection, resulting in the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive in 2011. Our subsequent work has been directed towards successfully overcoming technical and regulatory barriers, safeguarding income, ensuring that sustainability rules are fair and achievable and helping industry meet the challenging requirements introduced by the RHI reforms. 

The Renewable Transport Fuels Group of the REA is the leading voice for the continued decarbonisation of the UK’s transport sector and has been involved in the development of policy for gaseous and advanced fuels for transport.

Who should attend?

• Biogas producers
• Organic waste producers/processors
• Waste management companies
• Landowners
• Food manufacturers
• Sustainability managers
• Farmers
• Investors and Financiers
• Insurance companies
• Gas grid owners
• Gas suppliers
• Government bodies and Regulators
• Biomethane Equipment suppliers
• Local authorities
• Haulage companies




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Chair - Gaynor Hartnell, REA

Keynote Speaker - Dr Alan Whitehead

Global View on Green Gases

'The state of play of green gas in Europe'Kiara Zennaro, REA Biogas and EBA

'Green gas initiatives in the Netherlands'Peter van Elferen, Gasunie Engineering B.V.

'A world that runs entirely on green energy' - Damien Speight, Orsted


UK Present and Future

'Market update on green gas sector' - John Baldwin, CNG Services Ltd

'The future of bioenergy in the UK'Adam Brown, Energy Insights Ltd

'Centrica's role in green gas' Part 1 / Part 2 Tim Marsters, Centrica Energy Marketing and Trading


Green Gas for Transport

'An update on biomethane as a transport fuel' Philip Fjeld, CNG Fuels Ltd

'JLP's plans to decarbonise freight fleets''Justin Laney, John Lewis Partnership, Central Transport

'Emerald biogas' CBM Filling Station and Warrens Group's plan to fade out diesel fleet' Part 1 / Part 2 - Martin Flach, Warrens Group

'Distillery project - a journey from fossil gas to biomethane to H2'David Hurren, Air Liquide


Alternative Green Gases

'Heating options for off-gas grid consumers'Lucy Hopwood, NNFCC

'Hydrogen projects in the UK' - Martin Shannon, Cadent

'European and global picture on hydrogen and power to gas (hydrogen and methane) Part 1 / Part 2Graham Cooley, ITM Power


Green Gas Certificates

'Guarantees of Origin for Green Gas - prices, regulations and market development'Jesse Scharf, GGCS


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