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UK Biomethane Day 2017 - 24th May 2017

The REA and CNG Services have been running Biomethane Day since 2012 and it is the largest gathering in the gas-to-grid industry. With 84 plants having injected biomethane by the end of 2016, “Green Gas” is starting to make a material contribution on the UK’s path to lower carbon.

The focus of this year’s Biomethane Day is recovering energy from waste and digesting the implications of the “energy crop cap”, which is being introduced in June 2017 in parallel with the tariff increases. We’ll also take stock of how well the UK is operating its fleet of digesters.

In addition, there have been important developments in relation to the use of grid injected biomethane as a transport fuel, with changes to the RTFO scheme acting to support biomethane. The new Bio-CNG trucks made by Scania (500 mile range) and Iveco and the developments by CNG Fuels and Waitrose mean that it is possible to adopt a 100% diesel free transport fleet.

Biomethane Day is a fantastic networking opportunity, where developers and operators can meet financiers, feedstock providers, waste hauliers, government officials and suppliers. This year we are expecting over 300 delegates, with exhibition stands from all of the major suppliers to the Biomethane industry. If you are considering Biomethane to Grid, this is the one industry event you cannot afford to miss.

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Chair - Gaynor Hartnell, REA

State of the Sector

'UK Biomethane Market Review' - John Baldwin, CNG Services Ltd

'Future Role of Biomethane in Decarbonisation of Heat & Transport'- David Parkin, Cadent Gas Ltd

'Sustainability and Plant Health' - Dr Michael Goldsworthy, NNFCC

Feedstocks - Old and New 

'Future Biogas Economiser' - John Scott-Kerr, Future Biogas

'Cavitation' - Part 1 - Part 2 - Owen Yeatman, CaviMax

'Thermal Hydrolysis'- Keith Panter, Ebcor

'The Wave Box' - Dr Gerald Vollmer-Heuer, Power Recycling Energyservice

Waste Biomethane Projects

'New Projects 2016-17' - Part 1 - Part 2Simon Farris, Severn Trent Water

'Green Gas & The Circular Economy' - Part 1 - Part 2 - Dr Charlotte Stamper, GENeco

'Biomethane from Waste & Challenges Ahead' - Part 1 - Part 2 - David Hurren, Air Liquide

Green Gas Certificates

'Enabling Cross-Border Biomethane Trades' - Part 1 - Part 2Attila Kovacs, European Renewable Gas Registry

'Market Update from the REAL Green Gas Certification Scheme' - Jesse Scharf, REAL

'Leyland Bio-CNG Project' - Philip Fjeld, CNG Fuels

'Supply of Biomethane with Green Gas Certificates' - Tim Davis, Barrow Green Gas

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