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Gas industry expert John Baldwin, Managing Director of CNG Services and one of the architects the renewable gas industry in the UK , has welcomed the decision of Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid to approve plans for fracking at Cuadrilla's Preston New Road site at Little Plumpton in Lancashire.

Baldwin says:

“This heralds a golden age for gas in the UK and will benefit the environment from day one. It has always been very difficult to understand why environmental activi sts are opposed to shale gas. UK shale gas has a much lower carbon footprint than imported LNG whether from Qatar or made from US shale gas. Gas is the ideal fuel for back-up generation for intermittent wind and solar especially if produced in the UK with a low ‘well head to burner tip’ carbon footprint.”

“We are very lucky to have our own domestic shale reserves which we can exploit now. Shale gas will give the UK a massive environmental and financial boost and the tax received can be used to fund gas demand reduction and renewables. Even better if the US and Qatar LNG that is not needed in the UK goes to China and helps coal to stay in the ground. Lovely .”

Next Tuesday, John Baldwin is giving a presentation at the UK Shale Gas Summit in Manchester talking about how the development of the UK Biomethane Market has facilitated the injection of Shale Gas into the gas grid.

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