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European Court ruling means UK is under pressure to cut pollution from diesel vehicles

Compressed natural gas provides an realistic alternative now – says Gas expert John Baldwin

A new ruling from the European Court of Justice, which says that nitrogen dioxide in cites is illegally high and must be cleaned up as soon as possible, has put the spotlight on diesel vehicles whic h cause the problem.

Gas engineering experts, CNG Services, welcome £1.5 million investment in skills as National College for onshore oil and gas is unveiled

CNG Services, experts in connecting new gas producers to the UK gas grid and owners of the UK’s largest CNG filling station, is giving an enthusiastic welcome to the major new £1.5 million investment in gas industry skills training as the National College for onshore oil and gas is unveiled by the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

Specialists in the injection of biomethane to the UK gas grid, CNG Services, has played a key role in the design, project management and commissioning of a new ‘gas to grid’ plant at Bristol sewage treatment works run by GENeco, a subsidiary of Wessex Water.

This week GENeco became the first company in the UK to start injecting gas generated from food waste and sewage into the national gas grid network and at the same time install a gas refuelling plant for a compressed natural gas (CNG) bus.

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