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NGV Network rallies the gas industry to support NGV growth

The NGV Day 2014 Conference and Exhibition, organised by the Energy & Utility Skills NGV Network, closed with a call for the gas industry to expand its efforts to bring the benefits of NGV to the UK truck and bus markets.

Speaker John Baldwin, Managing Director of CNG Services which owns and operates the UK's largest CNG filling station, summed up:

“With 6,000 KM of high pressure gas grid, 130 million kg of Biomethane forecast to be injected into the gas grid in 2015, and huge domestic shale gas resources and with National Grid installing an LNG road tanker loading facility at the Isle of Grain in 2015, there is no w potential for a major shift from diesel for trucks and buses.”

“Low gas prices and the 10 year fixed differential between gas and diesel duty means that the UK can now accelerate the take - up of gas trucks that are now available in the UK”

Lucy Ritchie, client manager, EU Skills Networks and responsible for the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Network, which provides training support for growth, to small and medium sized says: “What we heard today proved beyond doubt that Gas can make a major contribution to reducing the pollution levels in our cities and providing a lower CO2 option for trucks and buses. “

“This first NGV Day has proved a great success and we are now looking forward to organising next year’s event, where we hope to double the number of del egates and exhibitors. There are lots of businesses involved in the NGV Network here today and the exchange of ideas, experience, data and views will, I believe, make a major contribution to the development of the NGV for trucks and buses industry.” Over a hundred delegates attended the exhibition, to hear speakers from the Department of Transport, Scania and National Grid as well as many other industry experts. The conference provided an industry overview, with dedicated sessions on CNG and LNG options.

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