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European Court ruling means UK is under pressure to cut pollution from diesel vehicles

Compressed natural gas provides an realistic alternative now – says Gas expert John Baldwin

A new ruling from the European Court of Justice, which says that nitrogen dioxide in cites is illegally high and must be cleaned up as soon as possible, has put the spotlight on diesel vehicles whic h cause the problem.

This ruling leaves the government no option but to take measures to control diesel emissions now. John Baldwin, managing director of CNG Services and a member of the DfT Transport Energy Task Force says:

“Gas is the number one choice as a fuel for trucks and buses and there is the potential for a major shift from diesel now. We have 10,000 KM of high pressure gas grid which is ideal for making compressed natural gas (CNG) and we have surveyed bus and refuse truck depots – 90% are loca ted within 1 mile of the gas grid. Also with 130 million kg of Biomethane forecast to be injected into the gas grid in 2015, we can look to a future with more and more vehicles powered with renewable gas, reducing CO2 as well as removing diesel emissions and making our cities quieter.”

CNG Services is also leading two TSB projects to assess the benefits to the UK haulage industry of a shift to natural gas. Baldwin continues:

“As many as 29,000 people are dying from air pollution in the UK and we are goi ng to miss our targets to clean up cities by 2015. We hope that this ruling means that the UK Supreme Court will take the opportunity to outlaw all diesel buses in cities by 2025 in our cities. As shown in Reading which is moving to CNG, this is achievab le, we have the best gas grid in Europe and we have the CNG buses - there is nothing to stop this transition taking place”

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