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DECC Tariff Review will bring certainty for projects in development Biomethane experts, CNG Services, has welcomed Biomethane Tariff Review which has been published this week by the Department of the Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

John Baldwin, CNG Services managing director said: “We have over 20 biomethane to grid projec ts in the pipeline, with more in the planning stages. The introduction of the non - domestic RHI has been critical helping us get ‘green’ gas in to the UK grid and the results of the review will mean that new producers can confidently plan for the future.”

DECC carried on a cons ultation on possible changes to the biomethane injection to grid tariff this summer. The objective of the consultation was to ensure that the RHI continued to support growth for the UK’s biomethane to grid sector without overcompensating producers with la rge installations.

There were fears that if tariffs were set too low the consequence would be to s everely d isrupt the growth of an important new source of sustainable energy. After extensive consultation, DECC has announced that it will be adopting a tier ing approach is based on levels of ‘eligible biomethane’ - the amount of kWh rather than size. Full details can be found at: sations/department-of-energy-climate-change

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