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Control Systems Engineer

Malcolm has more than 36 years in the gas industry with experience across gas distribution, gas transmission and gas control systems and telemetry. He started as a Student Technician Engineer in Scottish Gas in 1980. He spent the next four years training and spending the majority of his time in Gas Distribution, primarily involved mains replacement projects.

From 1985 to 1995 Malcolm moved upwards in the gas Transmission Construction Dept in the Regional HQ in Edinburgh to Senior Engineer (Construction). Involved in various transmission pipeline projects he counts the two submarine pipeline crossings of the Clyde Estuary in 1991 as being the highlight of his career up to this point. They combined traditional onshore pipeline techniques with those normally associated with the offshore industry, having to lay the pipelines on the seabed some 100 metres below the surface.

In 1994 Malcolm had the opportunity to work overseas with Gas De Chile through the Global Gas department of British Gas. He carried out pipeline estimating and routing in the South American country.

In 2003 he was seconded to the "Ulysses" project to replace the outdated RTU's (Remote Telemetry Units) on the transmission and distribution network together with a new central SCADA system, replacing GTMS. This involved specifying, testing and commissioning of the new SCADA system that would ultimately be used to monitor and control the National Transmission System (NTS).

Following this Malcolm went on to manage the SCADA team at the new National Grid Gas HQ in Warwick. As well as managing the configuration of new telemetry for compressors, AGI's, storage sites etc, he became very focused in the huge number of alarms presented to control room operators. He drove various initiatives that reduced the number of alarms by 66%, ultimately receiving accolades from the HSE as developing many areas of "best practice" within control systems and in accordance with EEMUA 191.

He has spent the last 2 years primarily as an Associate within CNG Services Ltd. His experience in various engineering roles has proved invaluable together with his knowledge of telemetry in supporting biomethane G2G projects.

Malcolm is an Incorporated Engineer and a member of IGEM.